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Diamond Clarity chart

Diamonds 101: Clarity

Practically all diamonds contain naturally occurring internal characteristics called inclusions. The size, nature, location and amount of inclusions determine a diamonds clarity grade and affect its cost. One unique advantage of the Ideal Cut is that its sparkle can mask otherwise noticeable inclusions. Clarity Chart Flawless, Internally Flawless (FL & IF) No inclusions visible (by

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Diamond Color examples

Diamonds 101: Color

Many diamonds, although they appear colorless, actually have a slight yellow or brown tone. As these tones become more apparent, the rarity and the cost decrease. Ideal Cutting dramatizes the rare splendor of a diamond because it produces such dazzling brilliance.   Color Grading Scale The following color scale and the descriptions of each is

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Cut Anatomy of Diamond

Diamonds 101: Cut

Cut Grades A diamonds Cut Grade is critical to the beauty of the finished piece. Diamonds that are designed, cut and finished by a knowledgeable and  experienced jeweler have a better appearance and reflection. ‘Excellent Ideal’ Cut The Excellent Ideal cut diamond describes a round brilliant diamond that has been cut to exact and mathematically

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